The Kuwait Heritage
Ayoub Hussein Al-Ayoub

Born in Kuwait in 1932.

Graduated from Mubarakiyah School in 1949.

A teacher at Kuwait Ministry of Education 1949 - 1950, a vice headmaster, and a
headmaster. He retired at the outset of the school year 1979 - 1980 after

Painted over 600 paintings which represented the old Kuwaiti environment.

Participated in the Arab Championship Exhibition in 1958, and the nine spring exhibitions
set up by the Ministry of Education; and other exhibitions set up inside or outside Kuwait
by the Kuwaiti Society for Formative Arts, the Teachers Society, The Graduate Society,
The National Council for Culture,Arts and Letters, and Kuwait National Museum.

Had Six private exhibitions :

No Date No of Paintings Showroom
1 13/11/1974 44 Teacher's Society
2 13/03/1974 34 Teacher's Society
3 04/12/1985 67 Abdullah AlSalem
4 01/12/1991 61 Teacher's Society
5 24/03/1996 48 Abdullah AlSalem
6 01/04/2000 41 Abdullah AlSalem

Set up two exhibitions in participation with the late artist Amir Abdulridha.

Participated in touring exhibitions circulated in some Arab, European and American

The first person to work at Kuwait Museum in 1956; supervised its foundation; designed
and built numerous models of the old Kuwaiti house, old school and equipped the
museum with the traditional exhibits at the time of the former Art Education Inspector the
late Mr Khames Shihadah, and the sincere Mr Ahmad Al-Othman the then Financial
Director of the Museum.

Obtained the pioneer shield from Kuwaiti Society of Formative Arts; honoured by HH the
Crown Prince Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah; got many other certificates of
honour; awarded by the committee that regulated the third periodical exhibition of the
GCC artists, set at Ash-Shariqah from 27/11 till 04/12/1994.

Wrote the following books about heritage :

- Accompanying Children in the Past : popular games
- Kuwaiti Memoirs
- Selections from the Kuwaiti dialect
- Hawalli : The Village of Entertainment and Enjoyment
- Sayings of the people of old Kuwait
Got the State Encouragement Reward on 2nd December 1997 for his photographs.

All his works have become the ownership of the people and foundations and some are
printed in the calendars.

The first Kuwait artist whose paintings or parts of them are printed on the Kuwaiti
banknote (the fifth issue 1994).

Accompanied his works which were displayed in Tokyo, Japan from 25 till 30 October
1998 at the expense of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information on the occasion of
"Businessmen Week". One of his paintings was gifted to a Japanese prince who
inaugurated that week.

Set up and accompanied an exhibition in Helsinki, the Capital of Finland, on 26 August
1999 for a week at an invitation of Kuwait National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters.

Participated in the inauguration of the National Museum of Kuwait in 1957.

Won State Merit Award for the year 2001 in formative arts.

Arbitrated and supervised the following artistic exhibitions :

- Photography exhibition entitled "Kuwait ..... Light from the Past" held by the Community
Service and Continual Education Administration, The Public Authority for Applied
Education and Training, 1987.

- Formative arts items in Kuwait Scientific Encyclopedia for Children, Kuwait Foundation
for the Advancement of Sciences from 5 November 1984 till 24 Decemebr 1984.

- The final festival of Formative Arts tournament, Bubiyan Club which is affiliated to
Petrochemical Industries Company, held on 4 January 1979 PM.

- Photographs exhibition held at Teacher's Society, 7 April 1973.

- Supervised the planning of the first exhibition helf by the Graduate Society in May 1973.